Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fleeting Mural Prints

Here are a few photos that I have assembled that document the process/production of the first of the Fleeting Mural Prints. The images come from a medium format negative and are enlarged onto an 8x8' piece of off white satin fabric that has been coated with liquid emulsion. As you can see it is a pretty large operation that has not only been aided by my room mates who have allowed me to use so much space but also I have had the opportunity to receive help from good friends throughout the process. As of right now the project has been underway for almost two months and I have completed what I feel is a final print. This will be one of several to come.


snappygirl said...

I would love to know more about the process of these photos. They are really beautiful.

Shadow said...

Just wondered how much liquid emulsion you needed for this project?

Eric Pickersgill said...

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to respond to you all. Clearly I did not set up notifications of comments. @Snappygirl what else would you like to know about these? @Shadow, I used alot! Each print took around 24 hours to coat, test print, and then develop. I ran through the process 18 times using about 100$ worth of emulsion each time. of the 18 attempts, 5 stable prints were created. I say "stable" because I had issues with contamination and when the lights came on the prints would turn brown and then devolve away. It was my most ambitious project to this day however one of the most rewarding. Many of my student loan dollars went straight into this project.